Brand Security

Did you know that Google boosts your SEO ranking if you have an SSL certificate installed on your website?

Don’t know what an SSL certificate is?

Well basically it ensures enhanced security for your users.

How do you know if you have an SSL certificate?

It’s easy to identify if your site has an SSL certificate installed. Have you ever realised that some websites have HTTP::// at the beginning of their URL and some have HTTPS:://? Well you guessed it, HTTPS::// means your site is secure!

Security is now top priority with Google.

Generally this security measure is only for Ecommerce sites, to protect your customers credit card information, but now security is Google’s top priority and wants HTTPS everywhere for safer browsing and secure online data.

We recommend.

Fish Tank Creative can install an SSL certificate on your website to help boost your site that little bit further up in search engines ranking. Call us to secure your brand, 02 8299 2223.


Tender document design

Add creativity to your tender documents

We recently had the privilege of designing some tender documents for one of our regular clients.

This really got us thinking of how a well designed tender document can really show off your brand and ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some important points as to why it’s critical that the design of your tender document is done right the first time.

  1. Be confident in your brand! A well-designed tender template document will boost your business’s credibility and present a refined image of your brand.
  2. Adding design and creative thought to your presentation will allow for clear communication and grab your audiences attention.
  3. Use a clear, simple and consistent page structure to ensure legibility and have a greater impact.
  4. Naturally, when we see a well-designed document, we assume it has been expertly developed, and shows you take pride in the presentation of your brand.
  5. Creativity and structure adds value to the finished physical document.

These images show how beautiful your tender documents can be.

Tender document design Tender document design  Tender document design Tender document design


When should rebranding be considered?

The recent change to the popular eWay logo got the Fish Tank Creative team thinking, when should a rebranding project be considered?

Stimulate growth

It’s simple, when your company grows your brand needs to grow with it. Customers are always looking for change so investing in a global rebrand will encourage a newer and wider audience and will  also reflect the evolution of a company.

Gain competitive advantage

An effective rebrand will improve your impact and differentiate yourself amongst competitors.

Reconnect your target market

Don’t risk your brand being perceived as ‘out of date’. Show that you can adapt to change and keep up to date with design trends and avoid the worry of having a disconnected audience.

New direction

Company growth usually leads to a shift in focus and business direction. It is important that your brand reflects your new products/services to attract the right target audience.

Original eWay logo
Rebranded eWay logo

Fidh Tank Creative Huggies Brochure

Huggies infographic brochure

Recently we collaborated with Blaze Research to design an infographic brochure for Kimberly Clark. This brochure is a tool for category managers to educate their distributors on how to increase demand for the Huggies brand within their stores. To increase the life of the print campaign, we recommended a digital flip book.

Result: Super effective communication solution! The  infographics give the viewer info in a snapshot – and the digital flip book option makes for easy and economical sharing online. Take a look!
Fidh Tank Creative Huggies Brochure Fidh Tank Creative Huggies Brochure
Mako Turbines logo design

Mako Turbines branding

Fish Tank Creative has been creating a brand for Elemental Energy Technologies (EET), a tidal energy technology company.

The shape of the blades on EET’s new turbine closely resemble the fins of a Mako shark – hence the MAKO branding.

The colour palette used in EET’s branding was based on the natural colours of a Mako shark, Navy Blue & Silver Grey. These colours had also been chosen by EET when building their prototype turbine with a Navy Blue finish on the fibreglass body of the MAKO and a light grey finish on the carbon fibre blades. Also, EET had chosen a Navy Blue and polished stainless steel finish on the deployment barge used in their recent successful testing in Sydney.

EET will continue to develop the MAKO turbine design to harness the energy in the world’s oceans and rivers to deliver cost-effective predictable renewable power. We are really pleased to be playing our part in this exciting project !

Mako Turbines logo design