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Our tech branding takeaways

brand- our tech branding takeaways-fish-tank-creativeTechnology companies all want to be the next big thing. Their products often seek to meet needs that consumers don’t yet know they have. But a great idea is only the starting place: to stand out from the competition, they also have to show they’re competent and capable of running a sustainable business.

A brand is a brand is a brand. And then, there are technology brands.

While other industries face new competitors, technology companies face disruptors – companies that completely alter the competitive landscape – game changers. It’s a matter of survival. Technology companies that embrace their brand will elevate their value in the market and better position themselves for long-term success.

In a fast-changing industry full of fiercely competitive players, reliability is key. So it’s no wonder that blue—which appears in 61% of logos from the top technology companies— is chosen as a staple color. What is compatible with cool blue? Clean white. It appears in over 40% of industry-leading logos.

Google, Facebook & microsoft brand logos

Google, Facebook & Microsoft brand logos

Technology is all about innovation but, when it comes to colours, entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the blue and white box.


NCIS Group brand Logo 2017

NCIS Group brand logo 2017

  • Modern
  • Masculine
  • Innovative
  • Different
  • Cutting edge
  • Freshness
  • Refreshment
  • Nature
  • Growth

Green is a dynamic, sustainable colour. NCIS wanted to be seen as different. It wanted to stand out from the other tech companies. We chose this colour for NCIS’ logo because it’s seen as modern and innovative, whilst also conveying sophistication and business acumen.

NCIS wanted it’s brand personality trait to be unique, bold and different from all the other tech company logos. And, their logo design has had a huge effect on how consumers have viewed their brand.

Different colours can say different things about your brand, and will appeal to different customers. So where should you start? Let’s break it down:

  1. Determine your brand’s personality.
  2. Explore colour psychology
  3. Analyse your competition

We can help you dig in to the data and psychology behind logo colour choices, and discover how colour is crucial to your customers, their choices, and ultimately your business.

It’s time you use colour to position your brand for success.


your path to seo success

Your path to SEO success

your path to seo success

Want to make your brand more visible on Google? Here are some tips to help you improve your search engine ranking so you no longer feel invisible.

No matter what you do, never sacrifice good writing for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Quality content drives search engine rankings and the best websites are written for the user and not for the search engine. Rule of thumb: make a site you would want to visit and write it the way you (and other humans) would want to read it.

#1 Keywords are Key

Google relies on keywords to establish who you are and how to connect you to the World Wide Web.

Keywords should be thought of as the words someone is most likely to type into a search engine to find your content. To stand out, it’s important you place your keywords should somewhere in your content, preferably in the first paragraph, so that they appear.  Again, try here to speak like a human and use words that you believe humans are most likely to use when they are searching for a page about your topic.  

One thing to be mindful of with Google is that it looks for how often your keywords pop up. However, it’s less about quantity and more about quality, so don’t try to trick the search engine by repeating the same word over and over again. By creating quality content specifically for your intended user your site traffic will organically increase.

#2 Stay Fresh and Remember to Refresh

Updating your content on a regular basis is viewed by Google as one of the best indicators of relevance for a website.

#3 Be Link-worthy

Google looks at the words you use in links to help determine the content of your page. Using links within your website will help to emphasise keywords. So, rather than having “click here”, try writing out the name of the destination as “click here” has no search engine value.

#4 Start Socialising

If you want to achieve higher recognition and boost your brand, you need to socialise with your audience. Social media is great for this. You may find that a great deal of your traffic comes from social platforms, so it would be wise to make sure your content is “social friendly”.

In addition to this, social platforms will allow you to understand where your target audience is and therefore help you build a stronger presence.

#5 Mobile Friendly means Google Friendly

As more and more people are using their phones to search for content, it would be wise to make your content mobile-friendly for the sake of good user experience. In saying this, you will also want to do this for the sake of search, as Google has indicated that mobile-friendliness is a Google ranking signal. This also includes being wary of pop-up penalties.

#6 Make Friends with the Top Dogs

Work hard to make connections in your field as this will help you spread your business’s message and vision. Once you know which companies you want to befriend, follow and like them on social media and even engage with their content to help boost your brand’s awareness.

We hope these tips put you on the right SEO path.

With SEO there are no guarantees or quick schemes. SEO is highly technical and complex, but at its heart lies the philosophy that Google wants to highlight the most relevant search matches to each user when they go searching. So, remember this;

Google determines relevance by;

    • Seeing how many people visit your site
    • The content published on your pages
  • The websites that are linking to yours

If you need help optimising your status with Google, please get in contact with us at Merryn Bourne Creative.

Our team of communication specialists will help your brand’s voice sing loud and clear.


Why Google Analytics is your free gold mine for growth.


Google Analytics is a powerful website analysis tool which helps you understand the people who use your website. But how can this help your business? We’ve put together five ways Google Analytics can help you improve your marketing strategy and keep visitors engaged with your website and business.

Hot spots – Where are people looking?

Google Analytics shows you what parts of your website are attracting interest and the key words and phrases which pull in new visitors through search results. Meaning you can offer new content and services your customers are interested in.

Boring bits – Where are people NOT looking?

Help weed out content your customers are not interested in. Sometimes content is just not appealing, other times bad positioning can lead to great content being lost. Having a lacklustre heading is the first step in losing customers focus and an easy fix. There are some great guides out there to help write a punchy headline.

Break down the bounce.

Bounce rates are when visitors leave your site without clicking through to other pages, which means they are not engaging with your content and your business. Google Analytics helps break down what point visitors leave your site so you can see what’s turning customers away.

Desktop, tablet or mobile – How are people viewing your site?

If your customers are mainly using a mobile to use your site or a specific browser it’s vital that your site is optimised for that platform and they are getting the best viewing experience. This is where having a responsive website is important, so no matter which platform they are using your site will still be fully functional. The geo location feature of Google Analytics is also helpful in targeting your key audience and producing content that is relevant to them.

Who is the best – How does your site rate against your competitors?

You can use Google Analytics to compare your customers engagement with that of your competitors and find out where your site needs improvement. However this tool’s usefulness can depend on if your competitors are also using Google Analytics.


AEH website lead generation

Recently Merryn Bourne Creative partnered with AEH Property Group to make some website changes to help increase the sites conversation rate. Our solution included adding an email capture form at the top of every sidebar. Having this new lead generation element positioned above the fold means users are more likely to notice and act on the call to action before having to perform a scroll action.


CBC Group Responsive Wordpress Website

CBC Group responsive website

Merryn Bourne Creative and Concession Planning worked closely with the facilities management group, CBC GROUP to redesign their company website.

They now have a beautiful responsive CMS site with strong branding throughout. The new platform also features an interactive safety induction that allows for required sub contractors to complete an easy online questionnaire and agreement, which in turn cuts the internal admin processes for CBC Group.

For the potential client searching online, company statistics as infogrpahics show success in their sector in a snapshot, and gives the viewer a simple path to all core services, and required information.

CBC Group Responsive WordPress Website CBC Group Responsive WordPress WebsiteCBC Group Responsive WordPress Website


About HR responsive website

Flat design for the About HR brand, now live on their new website.

The About HR website is a responsive and conversion friendly website. Their three core services featured clearly underneath the main image and above the fold. The call to action and contact number in the top right hand corner makes it user friendly, and the contact details are always visible – this entices users to perform the action that is most valuable to About HR – call me! We love the flat design design, the simplicity of the structure and the colour!

fish-tank-creative-about-hr-responsive-website-imac fish-tank-creative-about-hr-responsive-website-ipad-3fish-tank-creative-about-hr-responsive-website-iphone


Brand Security

Did you know that Google boosts your SEO ranking if you have an SSL certificate installed on your website?

Don’t know what an SSL certificate is?

Well basically it ensures enhanced security for your users.

How do you know if you have an SSL certificate?

It’s easy to identify if your site has an SSL certificate installed. Have you ever realised that some websites have HTTP::// at the beginning of their URL and some have HTTPS:://? Well you guessed it, HTTPS::// means your site is secure!

Security is now top priority with Google.

Generally this security measure is only for Ecommerce sites, to protect your customers credit card information, but now security is Google’s top priority and wants HTTPS everywhere for safer browsing and secure online data.

We recommend.

Fish Tank Creative can install an SSL certificate on your website to help boost your site that little bit further up in search engines ranking. Call us to secure your brand, 02 8299 2223.



Is your website being penalised by Google?

So everyone is talking about Google’s recent algorithm changes but how have they changed? Before reading any further go straight​ t​o​ ​the Google Mobile-Friendly​ ​Test to check if your site is optimised for mobile.

If you got a message like this then you need to make some changes to keep your precious search engine results.


Up until April 21st it has been possible for websites to perform well without having a mobile optimised site,​ ​but now that has all changed. Google ​is on the prowl for mobile-friendly websites and if you don’t have one you can expect to see a significant drop in your search results.

Not familiar with what makes a website​ ​mobile-friendly. In a nutshell a​ ​mobile-friendly site is a website that automatically changes it’s layout based on the device being used. To avoid being penalised, Google recommends a beautiful new responsive site. Therefore you will have a single website that will look AMAZING on your phone, tablet​ ​and​ ​desktop.

In return Google will reward your new mobile​ ​site with improved SEO. By investing in a responsive site you will also create a good user experience which in return leads to​ ​increased conversion rates and keeps your brand competitive.

Talk to us about beautiful, conversion friendly websites that generate qualified leads for your business. We would love to help you! Call us on 02 8399 2223.