When should rebranding be considered?

The recent change to the popular eWay logo got the Fish Tank Creative team thinking, when should a rebranding project be considered?

Stimulate growth

It’s simple, when your company grows your brand needs to grow with it. Customers are always looking for change so investing in a global rebrand will encourage a newer and wider audience and will  also reflect the evolution of a company.

Gain competitive advantage

An effective rebrand will improve your impact and differentiate yourself amongst competitors.

Reconnect your target market

Don’t risk your brand being perceived as ‘out of date’. Show that you can adapt to change and keep up to date with design trends and avoid the worry of having a disconnected audience.

New direction

Company growth usually leads to a shift in focus and business direction. It is important that your brand reflects your new products/services to attract the right target audience.

Original eWay logo
Rebranded eWay logo

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