Mako Turbines branding

Fish Tank Creative has been creating a brand for Elemental Energy Technologies (EET), a tidal energy technology company.

The shape of the blades on EET’s new turbine closely resemble the fins of a Mako shark – hence the MAKO branding.

The colour palette used in EET’s branding was based on the natural colours of a Mako shark, Navy Blue & Silver Grey. These colours had also been chosen by EET when building their prototype turbine with a Navy Blue finish on the fibreglass body of the MAKO and a light grey finish on the carbon fibre blades. Also, EET had chosen a Navy Blue and polished stainless steel finish on the deployment barge used in their recent successful testing in Sydney.

EET will continue to develop the MAKO turbine design to harness the energy in the world’s oceans and rivers to deliver cost-effective predictable renewable power. We are really pleased to be playing our part in this exciting project !

Mako Turbines logo design

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