APN Outdoor + NEWS Corp exterior Bus Advertising Campaign


Create a compelling campaign to get the travellers to download the MATCHA app and play to win an iPAD. Sounds easy.

Working with OOH client APN and NEWS Corp to develop a campaign to direct engagement with the Daily Telegraph website through their new app MATCHA. The aim of the game on the app is the match the headline to the images from The Daily Telegraph.

The functionality of their app uses beacon technology on the bus. Ultimately, get travellers to go online, download the app, play against other travellers on their journey.

To give the user a feeling of “in the moment”, we chose local photography of local traffic, and shots of active handheld devices. We decided that icons for the quick and easy recognition of action required to WIN!

Our campaign started in January on Sydney buses. Feedback on results has been very positive so far. Have you considered who you might use for your next creative campaign? This year, consider the team at Fish Tank Creative.

APN Outdoor + NEWS Corp exterior Bus Advertising Campaign
APN Outdoor + NEWS Corp exterior Bus Advertising Campaign


Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful communication tool that should be used as part of your marketing plan. We use email on a daily basis and it allows businesses to communicate, build trust with your audience and drive traffic back to your website to learn more about you.

Use this infographic to help you develop a better understanding of the benefits of email marketing.

fish-tank-creative-email-marketing-1 fish-tank-creative-email-marketing