How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

It’s not a secret that social media is no longer a novelty but a powerful business tool, in saying this Fish Tank Creative has just joined the world of Instagram!

Unfortunately the main flaw in the Instagram platform is there is no ability for multiple account management. It is becoming more popular to have multiple accounts (e.g personal and company accounts) and we all know Instagram only allows you to have the one account on a single device and therefore makes multiple account management a real head ache. Aside from logging in and out of your different accounts there is no way to switch between accounts.

To help us manager our Fish Tank Creative Instagram account we looked into alternative ways to manage multiple accounts on one mobile device.


We first thought the app Primary answered all our preys but unfortunately it still doesn’t support the function to upload photos to multiple Instagram accounts. Although I wouldn’t disregard this app completely as it allows you to fast-switch between different accounts which we have found to be extremely useful if you want to monitor your posts. You can also view and respond to your photo¬†comments and wait for it…. you can pinch and zoom into photos! Instagram currently doesn’t allow the usual pinch and zoom function.


The Instapload app is quiet basic although it does allow for you to upload photos to multiple accounts. HOORAY!! Another handy little feature of this app is that you can easily download posts from other Instagram accounts directly into your photo gallery. Good bye screen shots!

One con we found in using Instapload is it seems the sharpness of your image is reduced on upload so we may have to be careful when using this app.

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