With a consumer driven Aged Care market – you need to be visible.


Australians are living longer and healthier lives and it is important that as people age, they have a choice about their care. These new government reforms are driving innovation and growth in the Aged Care sector.

In 3 weeks, home care packages will change to give your clients more choice about their care and who delivers it, in compliance with the 2015-16 Budget. Consumers will be able to choose a provider that best meets their needs, so get ready. People will be researching for their best fit, are you visible to your target audience?

How is your customer service? Are you keeping your clients happy? It will be easier for your consumers to change providers if they wish, for example, if they move to another area to live. If they make a change, the funding for their package will follow them to their new choice of provider.

The choice will be theirs if they are not happy they can change. Home care packages will be assigned to people based on their individual needs and circumstances. This will make sure people receive care in a way that is fairer and more consistent around the country. Be prepared for change.

As an Aged Care service provider, do you have strong messaging around how you improve peoples lives? Are you activating this campaign as part of your overall integrated communication plan? We can help you drive results in your market.

Merryn Bourne Creative can help you develop an integrated communication plan, suited to your unique Aged Care service. For more information, please contact us.

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