“Mee-gher” Street or “Marr” Street?

Trust me to find the perfect design studio on a street whose name needs to be spelled for people to get the spelling right. Fish Tank Creative is moving to 23 Meagher Street, Chippendale in the next week or so.

I was happy to call it “Mee-gher” Street, then a pal said her friend called it “Marr” Street. Then I googled it, and came across a zillion variations, from Gaelic people who had immigrated all over the world from Waterford, Ireland, and who chopped and changed their name pronunciations to suit.

I also found this explanation: “the original name was O’Meagher and when the immigrants arrived most dropped the O. In Galic the e and g are silent so the correct pronounciation is Ma Her.” This is a post by Irene Meagher, on one of the forums on www.ancestory.com

After reading several hundred posts, I think this is the way to go?

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